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Healthy and Safe Schools

Communicable Disease Plan 2023-2024

Perrydale Continuity of Service Plan 2021-22





On Saturday, March 13th, there was a planned pesticide application applied by Maintenance Director, Troy Lieuallen, who is licensed as a Public Pesticide Applicator, License # AG-L1069795PPA.

The product applied; Roundup Pro. Roundup Pro is a complete broad-spectrum post-emergence professional herbicide, EPA registration #93236-1

The areas of application will be limited to the softball and baseball infields and adjacent fence lines.   The reason for the application is the areas have become infested with weeds during an unprecedented length of time of inactivity.  Due to our shortened window of opportunity to prepare the surface for play, herbicide application is necessary to get us back to a state where other IPM methods can once again maintain effectively.

Water Testing Results (2016)


Perrydale has received the results of the second test for lead in the 2nd Grade Classroom.  I am pleased to report that there was a very minimal amount of lead detected.  The level is well below the EPA standards. 

In 2016, the Perrydale School District tested the water of all school buildings for lead contaminants.  Eight first draw samples were taken from various sinks and drinking fountains from each building. The United States Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) states in guidance documents that water outlets in a school that provide water for drinking or cooking meet a standard of 0.020 mg/liter (ppm) of lead or less. Of the eight samples drawn, one sample had a lead level above the EPA Limit of 0.020 mg/liter.  That sink was located in the Elementary Classroom #6 where the 2nd Grade students are in class.  The sink had a lead level of 0.020 mg/liter. 

A second sample drawn detected a minimal amount of lead in the 2nd Grade classroom (#6).  The results of the test were 0.0097 mg/liter (ppm).  The EPA standard is 0.020 mg/liter (ppm).  At this time, no further action is needed to maintain safe water for the students, staff, and patrons at Perrydale School.  

 All other samples taken were well below the EPA’s recommended level of 0.020 mg/liter for lead. 

 Below are the results of all tests completed for lead contaminants at Perrydale School and a copy of the letter sent to the public.

Lead Testing Results Letter

Results of Water Testing for Lead

Building Update (2016)

All school districts in Oregon are required to test for radon in their buildings.  Plans for radon testing were submitted to the state prior to 9-1-16.  Testing had to be completed by January 1, 2017. Click the PDF's below for more information.


Healthy__Safe_School_Plan_Perrydale SD

Perrydale IPM Plan

Perrydale Radon Plan 8-18-16

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