Volunteer Today

Perrydale encourages and welcomes volunteers in many capacities. Our volunteers are a huge part of what makes our school so successful.

There are many ways one can volunteer at Perrydale School District; individual classrooms, helping the office staff

or library, field trips or outings, coaching and/or support staff at sporting events, after school activities, plays, science fairs, FFA, robotics clubs and literacy nights, and participating in the PPC (Perrydale Parents Club).

Did you know that you could also sit on committees that directly impact education? Did you know that you could even serve on these committees after work?

If you have an interest or skill set in.... facilities, curriculum, communication, site council, school wide activities, finance and policy, the School Board would love for you to volunteer. Please contact Superintendent, Dan Dugan at 503-835-7575 to sign up for one of our committees today!


In order to provide the safest possible environment for our students, Perrydale School District requires volunteers to complete and submit current information each year for a criminal background check. Volunteers are also asked to pay for the processing fee (currently $5). We appreciate your understanding.

pirate ship with PPC on the sail