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Playground Project

Perrydale School District is working to build an inclusive playground, with several structures that will be able to be used by students and community members of all abilities. The playground we intend to build will be much larger, ADA compliant, and able to accommodate approximately 150 students at a time. A variety of opportunities will be available such as climbing, sliding, running, balancing, musical instruments, talking tubes, a merry go round, and swings.  Many of these activities are wheelchair friendly and can be used by people with varying mobility needs.  This will allow for students with disabilities, as well as elderly grandparents, to use our playground both during school hours with their peers and with their families during after school hours.

playground 5
playground 4

RubberBond Surfacing 

"This revolutionary hybrid bi-layer system combines the superior safety ratings of a loose-fill system, with the accessibility, durability and design options of a unitary system. RubberBond Elevate features a vibrant, brightly colored EPDM particulate blend that stays colorfast for years. Easily installs over a variety of substrates, saving on costly concrete or asphalt sub-bases."

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